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Educational workshops on investing, retirement planning and estate planning topics

Social security is one of the few life-long sources of income in retirement.  It can also provide spousal benefits, divorcee benefits and survivor benefits.  Yet few people take the time to understand how they can maximize their social security benefit either for themselves or for the ones they love.  This workshop provides an in depth discussion about how social security works, different ways to claim, when to claim, the taxation of benefits, spousal, divorcee and survivor benefits and how to incorporate social security into your overall retirement planning.
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This is NOT a Medicare sales presentation.  This is an educational workshop designed to empower attendees with information about how health insurance works once you've retired.  We discuss post-employment health insurance, Medicare eligibility, parts and costs of Medicare, what Medicare covers, what it doesn't and how to plan for the costs.  We will also touch upon long-term care and ways to protect assets and develop a care plan for you and your family.   

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Do you ever wonder how you recreate your paycheck once you retire?  This workshop provides a step by step process to identify your retirement income needs.  We then outline how to develop an income plan to work towards meeting those income needs  We discuss social security, pensions, rules for taking distributions from your investments, ways to manage your investments in retirement given current economic conditions and even discuss some important estate planning considerations.  Attendees will leave with a good understanding of their next steps as they prepare for generating income once they retire.

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When we think of retirement, we like to focus on the fun years when we are active and healthy.  However retirement is a chapter of life that can last 20 or more years.  During this time, we age and many of us will end up needing care.  Waiting until we need care to understand and address the challenges that can arise can take a financial and emotional toll on you and your family.  This workshop helps attendees understand what kinds of care we may need as we age, the relative costs, what Medicare covers and what it doesn't, the spend down rules in Connecticut and ways to protect independence, assets and loved ones.  We also touch upon some estate planning strategies.

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