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Our "Coffee with Scott" webinar series is intended to provide informal and educational webinars on a variety of topics.

College Planning

Saturday, April 10th

9:00am EST

Special Guest: Lara Poulios*, Independent Educational Consultant, Estrela Consulting

On this "Coffee with Scott" webinar, we will welcome special guest Lara Poulios of Estrela Consulting.  Together Scott and Lara will have a thorough discussion about college planning.  Here are just a few questions they will discuss:

When and how should I start planning for college expenses?    How do different assets impact financial aid?    Who fills out the FAFSA if the parents are divorced?    How do 529 plans work?   Does it matter if a 529 plan is in a parent's or grandparent's name?    What are the college application deadlines?    How do I evaluate a financial aid package?    Can I use retirement funds to pay for college?    Is there a limit on how much I can take out in college loans?    How can grandparents help pay for college?    How do I balance saving for retirement and saving for college?  What else should I be thinking about as I prepare to send my child off to college?

Attendees will also be able to ask their questions during the webinar.  

Please share with others who may be interested in attending.

*Lara Poulios is not affiliated with Voya Financial Advisors.

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