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Changes To Connecticut Public School Teachers' Statements For 2020

One of our areas of focus is working with Connecticut public school teachers.  We have been working with teachers and their families for over 15 years and keep our ear to the ground for any changes.

Beginning in 2020, active teachers will begin to receive their annual TRB statement electronically.  This will facilitate the distribution of statements and allow teachers to easily save their statement.  In speaking with our contacts at the CTRB, we were told that active teachers will receive their statements electronically. The boards of education will supply the CTRB with teachers work e-mail addresses.  However teachers who are no currently working in a school district will still be mailed paper statements.  If you would like an electronic copy of a statement, you can now e-mail the state of CT and as long as your e-mail matches the e-mail address that they have on file, they can e-mail you a copy back within a few days.

Efforts are underway to also send invoices, beneficiary change confirmations and other communications electronically.

As stated above, we work closely with the state of CT Teachers Retirement System, know the pension calculations, social security offsets, retiree health insurance benefits and other teacher-specific topics inside and out.  If you are or a family member are a Connecticut public school teacher and you have questions about your retirement planning, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help.