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Your 2021 Key Financial Data Sheet

Click here to download your 2021 Key Figures PDF

Are you looking for the following information?

  • 2021 Federal Tax Tables
  • Capital Gains Rates
  • Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
  • Social Security Figures
  • Medicare Premium Amounts
  • Required Minimum Distribution Table
  • And much more!  Just take a look!

Our annual Key Financial Data sheet has it all!  This probably one of our most requested pieces that we distribute.  It provides many of the numbers that investors need on taxes, Social Security,  Medicare Part A and B premiums, retirement plan contribution limits and more. The guide presents these numbers in simple calculation tables to help you estimate and manage some tax liabilities. There is also key data pertaining to investments and other retirement planning concepts that are extremely helpful.

Our firm works with much of this information on a daily basis.  If you have questions about the material or about your particular situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We would be happy to help you.

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